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Our experience at the service
of your cybersecurity


About us

We are experts in cybersecurity. We bring unique professional capabilities and cutting-edge technological tools to safeguard your information assets, allowing you to develop the highest potential of your business.


We provide expertise in
information security


We make your employees

your first line

of defense.


We support your efforts to achieve compliance in an increasingly regulated world.


We collaborate with IT departments in the protection of your

digital assets.


We prepare your IT infrastructure to withstand cyber attacks or quickly recover from one.


We use our defensive and offensive capabilities to improve your cybersecurity posture.


Our Services

From specific activities to strategic advisory, our team is available to help you improve your cybersecurity posture.

Vulnerability Management

Assess the degree of exposure of your infrastructure from an attacker's perspective in order to outline remediation strategies. 

Assessment and Compliance

Certify to the most popular cybersecurity standards. Assess the maturity of your controls against key frameworks.

Risk Management

Maintain cost-effective risk containment and mitigation strategies without losing sight of your organization's objectives and capabilities.

User Awareness

Develop and maintain cybersecurity awareness among your employees. Stay with them Reinforce their knowledge through continuous training campaigns. Measure the effectiveness of your training investments.

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We can help you through the entire information security cycle.

SABYK belongs to the Domus group, a cluster of technology companies that address diverse areas of activity - development, operations and infrastructure, etc. - complementing capabilities and experiences in a dynamic and flexible way. 

Cassinoni 1011, Montevideo, Uruguay

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